Make This Peinirli – Greek Pizza Boats Recipe

I’ve mentioned before that I love to explore all kinds of regional and ethnic foods and recipes, like my  recipes for Mexican Breakfast Rolls , German Christmas Stollen, or Italian Semolina Bread in previous posts.  And it’s always fun to discover a new-to-me food item, especially if it involves some kind of bread dough.  If it includes cheese, I’m definitely going to take a second look!  I find it endlessly fascinating to see how many different bread and cheese varieties there are in the world and all the ways to combine and prepare them.  My most recent “discovery” is peinirli – Greek pizza boats Continue reading “Make This Peinirli – Greek Pizza Boats Recipe”

Easy Cheesy Sourdough Crackers

Well hello there, remember me?  I took a wee bit of a break from blogging, but I have a recipe for you today that I just have to share, and it is really delicious!  I call it Easy Cheesy Sourdough Crackers, and it truly is ridiculously easy…if you have a sourdough starter!  During this world-wide pandemic and the lockdowns that we’ve all been under, a lot of people have gotten into sourdough baking because of a shortage of yeast.

Continue reading “Easy Cheesy Sourdough Crackers”

Mexican Breakfast Rolls for Cinco de Mayo

As everyone knows, a festive Cinco de Mayo celebration includes margaritas, guacamole and tortilla chips, tacos and salsa, enchiladas, and tres leches cake.  In addtion to those great foods, I’d like to suggest that this year you start celebrating in the morning on May 5th (or any morning of the year!) with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate and these beautiful Mexican breakfast rolls for Cinco de Mayo Continue reading “Mexican Breakfast Rolls for Cinco de Mayo”