I started baking and sewing when I was nine years old after my family moved from St Paul, MN to rural Stillwater, MN and my mother signed me up for 4-H.  I took the Bread Project and Sewing Project and developed a life-long love of baking and sewing.  Over the years I’ve developed recipes; competed in national, state, and local baking competitions; participated as an editor and contributor to cookbooks put out by various organizations in which I’ve been involved; taught children and adults how to bake and cook; and tried over and over to make the perfect loaf of yeast bread.  In late 2019, I took a dive down the sourdough rabbit hole and I’m just enchanted with it!

Join me as I explore traditional–and sometimes unfamiliar—recipes and techniques from a variety of ethnic, cultural, and regional styles.   You can learn how to make delicious baked goods of all kinds using simple ingredients–no mixes–and I’ll show you appropriate tools to insure your success.

Bon appetit!