I am a Cottage Food Producer in Minnesota  and I sell many varieties of yeast breads, sourdough breads, cakes, scones, cookies, and pies, as well as small amounts of  jam.

I started baking and sewing when I was nine years old after my family moved from St Paul, MN to rural Stillwater, MN and my mother signed me up for 4-H.  I took the Bread Project and Sewing Project and developed a life-long love of baking and sewing.  Over the years I’ve developed recipes; competed in national, state, and local baking competitions; participated as an editor and contributor to cookbooks put out by various organizations in which I’ve been involved; taught children and adults how to bake and cook; and I continue to research and develop new recipes.  In late 2019, I added sourdough baking to my repertoire.

All products are homemade and not subjecgt to state inspection.

Bon appetit!